Because we have all the professional equipment to really get your rings clean that you would not find at home. Home jewelry cleaning solution is good for removing dirt, makeup, hand cream and other common products that make your jewelry dirty. What it is not good for is removing the tiny scratches in the gold or platinum that make the metal appear dull. When we clean your jewelry for you, we first polish the jewelry on a buffing wheel using a compound called rouge which removes the scratches. Then the jewelry goes into an ultrasonic cleaner that uses high frequency sound waves to loosen any dirt that has embedded itself under stones, inside hollow ring shanks and other hard to clean places. Finally, we use an industrial steam cleaner to blast off all the things that the ultrasonic cleaner loosened. This process only takes a few minutes but the result is much better than you would ever be able to achieve at home. Best of all, this service is free and we will inspect your jewelry to make sure everything is OK at the same time.
Because we work very hard to keep our prices as low as possible. We are on a network with other jewelers and are constantly seeking the best possible prices on items that we buy. For instance, lets say that you come into the store looking for a diamond ring. Unless you already know exactly what you are looking for, we work with you to determine what size, color and quality that will best suit your needs. If we don't have that particular diamond in stock, then we will have to order it for you. Instead of just calling up a standard supplier and ordering the diamond, Sonny will search out the best possible deal and pass that savings on to you. It is that simple.
Because emeralds cannot take the heat that re-tipping would require. In fact, the only stones that can be re-tipped on are diamonds, rubies, sapphires and most synthetics (birthstones). Unfortunately this is just the physical properties of the gems. If we were to try to re-tip on an emerald, it would break. Probably into several pieces. This is obviously not a desired effect. This doesn't mean that jewelry with these stones cannot be repaired. They just have to be re-pronged which involves removing the stone, building new prong(s) and then resetting the stone.
Because we do our sizing's and other repairs in house . We do not send your jewelry anywhere to be sized. Another reason that we can do it so quickly is because we have three jewelers on hand to do sizings and repairs. When you buy a ring from us, you do not have to wait days or weeks to wear it. You can wear it home the same day.